Enjoy this video for a sneak peek into our training classes and philosophy.

We’re excited that you’re interested in learning more about defending yourself and your loved ones with a handgun.

We are a family run business.  My husband, Todd, is the principle instructor and I (my name is Tammy) do fingerprinting and photos for the CCW class, act as a line coach, and bring a women’s perspective to defensive handgun training.

We are committed to helping you gain the skills necessary to defend your life and the lives of those you care about.  This means our classes are comprehensive.  We are parents and take our job very seriously.  We know that the statistics say most people will only take one training class in their lifetime.  That means what you learn from us might very well be what saves your life someday.

As you look around, you’ll find detailed information about our classes, learn more about us and our training and you might also be interested in our thoughts and musings on our blog where we will review firearms, tools, offer tips and tricks, share about new class offerings, and much more.

Thanks for stopping by and we’re excited to see you on the range!